Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pickin` Tomaters & Makin` Peach Pies

My weekend...the dh started the shed out back for my fiber which is overtaking the house right now.I`ll have a place to set up my table with carder in place instead of grabbing the box & putting it all on the kitchen table....sigh....but he`s now telling me he may want to store his Harley in there too.As long as he stays on his side of the shed,hah,hah.


Little Wren said...

What's the white yarn you have on your bobbin in the picture? Is it angora or mohair? It's lovely and bright!! :)

Little Wren said...

Forgot to mention I ended up with another angora myself! I have 4 now. I added an agouti colored like a wild rabbit. She's "Cocoa" from my blog pictures. I loved her when she was tiny but couldn't have her then. Now she's mine again and I couldn't be happier!