Wednesday, August 31, 2011

World Bird Wed.

Today is the day to show everyone in the world the birds you have seen this week.The link is over at the Springman`s..
This week the baby catbirds came to the feeder bothering mom,she wasn`t feeding them fast enough.They look so much alike their adult parents that it`s hard to tell them apart.They will not migrate till all the pokeberries are gone.I can`t find a picture of the pokeberries,I`ll have to enter it later.The birds have planted them everywhere,& I let them grow because I thought they would be useful to use as a dye for my fiber.I was told it won`t be colorfast unless I do something with buttermilk with the berries.What???!!!
The carolina wren has been singing & munching on the magnolia tree`s seed cones.
The whitebreasted nuthatch is making regular trips to the newly filled feeder.
And lastly,the baby hummingbirds are still here,though the others left with the hurricane winds-which,thankfully,we lost no trees from,the little male looks like he`s waving goodbye. I`ve had them coming to their feeder as late as the end of Oct.,so I made fresh sugar water for them today.


Chinatours said...

World bird wed--interesting title, and so do these pics, thanks for sharing.

Springman said...

You can feel the change in the air. The transition is nearly upon us. Cheers to you Phyllis!

Andrew said...

Lovely images of your beautiful birds Phyllis.

phylliso said...

I just realized that I forgot to post the catbirds!!!See posts above...phyllis

Larry said...

It looks like your birds are very happy there Phyllis!