Thursday, September 1, 2011

Orb Weaver Spider argiope aurantia

This beautiful spider is busy at the entrance of the garden,I`m always looking for the huge web as I go to gather tomatoes.She is protecting the garden from aphids & lots of other garden pests,so I never want to squish her.
I`m finally getting tomatoes enough to make sauce.I use epsom salts as a fertilizer & have good results from it.I wasn`t sure I was going to have any luck,my liver doctor was questioning me about the garden as I clued him into using the salts.He couldn`t understand why I had dry rot at first.Well,I DIDN`T say,if you would have to bucket your water to your garden in the heat,because your hose won`t reach that far & your spouse said he`d water with the sprayer he bought at an auction,but,oh,it needed a part,I kinda let nature take over.I wasn`t wrong,She did,now if we just have a few more warm days we will have lots more tomatoes..
The baby cardinal is molting & getting his colors now.I couldn`t resist adding him to this post.

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