Monday, August 15, 2011

Zeke the kitten

We wondered if he was going to survive yesterday.We had a storm & we couldn`t imagine this little guy outside in it.Finally after more than 24 hours had passed since he was taken inside,he used his litter box.I was so worried he wasn`t "going" anywhere.He then began grooming himself,& I knew it was going to be alright.He weighs a little over a lb.,but he must be at least 6 weeks old as his eyes have changed color already.Simba seems happy that his younger brother is now here with him.I wonder whether he will have seizures too?
I learned something about myself yesterday when I went to give the dh a thumbs-up that he went in his litter box.My left thumb will not turn up.I tried & tried,but my RA has gotten really bad here lately since I had to go off the Imuran because my white blood cells were off.It is a wierd feeling to know your thumb doesn`t work anymore.


Tammy said...

Lucky little Zeke! I think Simba will love his little brother and once Zeke gets to feeling better they should have lots of fun together! I doubt he will also have seizures, but one never knows.. Is there anyway for your friend to have her cats trapped and spayed and neutered? Sometimes there are rescue groups that will work with people to get their cat population under control. That is a pretty bad situation (Fleas, illness etc) both your kitty boys came out of and I'm happy for them they landed in your arms!
Tammy (sorry about your thumb! that is awful)

phylliso said...

Hah,when I told my mom today how the little guy was coming along & about my thumb,she said,"well,you can`t do anymore hitchiking then."
I can`t really comment on the farm situation,but I can say I have thought of doing that for them.They only have 2 mother cats & none of the kittens ever survive the farm.The tom is a wild cat who apparently goes from farm to farm.He`s the one we`d like to get ahold of.phyllis

Little Wren said...

He looks like a miniature Simba! lol! Bless you for taking this little one in. THIS is how we end up with all the animals we end up with isn't it? lol!

phylliso said...

The dh always says,now this is the last one we can take in....until the next time,I always add under my breath.phyllis