Monday, September 12, 2011

Dyeing & loving it,& musings

My weekend was busy,I had Savannah some & she is a joy.Her foot never did turn the right way,& the doctors said it`s up to her to get it moving correctly.She did have some physical threapy.She is such an animal lover.Here is a picture of Zeke & her.He is growing so fast,just as she is.She gives the animals kisses on the mouth & once got nipped by Maggie,but it hasn`t stopped her.
Savannah`s parents are divorcing,my son signed the papers & mailed them last week.They have been struggling with their marriage for awhile,my son is not easy to live with having bipolar.It will be good for the children in the long run,& perhaps their parents will grow up some when they part ways.I`m a little scared for my daughter-in-law after losing her mother,she is going downhill in many ways & I just pray she will find her peace as only she can do it for herself.
This is a hod-podge of writing this post,sorry! Last week I posted the wrong link for world bird Wed.,I didn`t have time to figure out what I did wrong,but now I know.Don`t put "the"in the link!
I dyed wool & mohair last week..It was so much fun to see what colors I end up with,I will probably never be able to figure out how I got the colors that I did.I should keep a notebook,but I want to just have fun right now.
I dyed a skein of my own hand spun,carded,& washed fleece with Country Classics lilac.I may have put too much powder in,so when the skein got a little more color than  I wanted,I took it out,& being the thrifty person that I am,I didn`t want to waste the color remaining in the kettle,so I placed some wool & mohair in to soak it up.It turned out a pretty blue-green,kinda a baby blue.
The Cushings dye I bought WAS to be a blue-green,but it looks mostly green.So I placed the other dyed fleece with some of it & I am going to card to together all mixed up.I may throw some more fleece in the kettle with not as much lilac,then blend it all together.The mohair locks are so shiny.

So,am leaving you with pictures of Zeke & his older brother,Simba,& pics of the busy last week.My spirit needed to wander in the woods & I found all sorts of things to brighten my mood,frogs,turtles,& butterflies,oh my!
Hmmmm,I wonder if I dyed the fiber with the colors of the butterfly on the butterfly bush,an orange & a lilac?


Tammy said...

Looks like you have been busy and are having some difficult things to work through. I know it can be tough at times, that is for sure. Can't believe how good Zeke looks and my, how he is growing! How does Simba do with him?


Lilac Haven said...

The dying is beautiful

Andrew said...

Beautiful images..I have just had a lovely browse sorry it's been a while...xx

phylliso said...

Tammy,Simba is more sociable with us now.At times you wouldn`t even know we have a cat,he`d hide all day somewhere in the house.Now it seems he has a job to do,to watch Zeke & sometimes swat at him with his paw.They get along great together.Zeke still has some filling out to do,but coming along great.He is a very lovable kitten too,falling asleep purring in my lap or on my chest.
Annette,thanks & I can`t wait to try more dyeing.
Andrew,thanks for commenting,I haven`t been able to get around to visiting much either,hopefully I`ll do better for next week.phyllis