Saturday, September 17, 2011

My best friend`s tribute to Max

I have few friends,the friends I do have are life long ones.My best friend I grew up with,Aleta,lives in Tenn now,but we talk on the computer most every day.She traveled from Tenn to Pa this weekend for her dad`s 91st birthday & stopped in for a visit.I can`t tell you how shocked I was at a gift she made for me.She made a wall hanging quilt of my beloved collie,Max,who on Oct.9th will have been dead for 4 years. Max meant the world to me,he was special.I was so overcome with emotion,the gift is so beautiful & looks just like him.She thread-painted it,a technique she learned at a quilt retreat she attended 2 years in a row where she lives.I can`t say enough about it,it is so beautiful.
She wanted pictures of the cats,she couldn`t get over how big Simba grew & how Zeke,his bro,is so much different,his motor running as soon as he is held.She has a blog but doesn`t get to write as much as she has dial-up,she lives on 90 acres in the backwoods of Tenn where you don`t have even have cell phone service.I love it there.Hoping to stay with her again soon as I have found someone who will house sit for me.


Andrew said...

Awww! A beautiful post to read I lost Billy my cat back in 2006 and still things remind me of him every day. A lovely gift.

phylliso said...

I never expected to receive such a beautiful,thoughtful gift,& her quilting of him makes him come startingly alive,I do a doubletake everytime I go by "him".The expression on his face is so lifelike.phyllis

Lilac Haven said...

What a talented and thoughtful friend you have. That is a beautiful work of art.

Dorthe said...

Phyllis, hello- and thanks for visiting me today-
Your blog is wonderful- and I love the header- a fantastic photo.
Your gift is beautiful, and came from the heart, from your friend.