Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I was not surprised

When I came home this am from a doctor`s appt.& looked out my window,what did I see? three escaped goats,2 who are ripping the bark off the only apple tree left,& Hendrix-stuck again in the wire of the fence.I have to have help getting the goat out of the wire.I guide his rear as the hubby pushes his head this way & that to get him lose.If I was here alone,I`d never be able to do it.How many days have they been in the pen? One & one half.Don`t the others look as if they are pointing out bad Hendrix?look what he`s done again!then they resume their clearing the area of all apple trees.
My playhouse,I now call it instead of a shed,is almost done.I have started to move things into it already.

Here is an apron that I made in 2 days.I finished it up today.I will use my own pattern next time,this apron could fit on 3 of me.The pocket I made was from a torn vintage linen & I`ll bet I could fit a peck of apples in it.I will have to sew 3 compartments down it so it doesn`t bulge out so much.I had fun playing with the sewing machine again.I need to make lots of aprons as the fibers from the bunnies & goats cling to my clothes.


Chinatours said...

Not a bad apron indeed, too naughty of these two goats, while also add some fun to your life, right?

phylliso said...

Yes,the goats always gives me stories to tell for sure,phyllis