Sunday, September 25, 2011

I`m losing it for sure

I`m looking at photos I took of Zeke the other day & resizing them so they will upload faster,& as I`m looking,I`m thinking,who are these people in my living room? I imagined catching some sort of spirit on film,then as I looked,there were more "spirits" ! then I realized how dumb & tired I must be,it is actually the TV Zeke is looking at.
Bandit is playing cool biker dog.
Then last but not least,the goats finally got sheared for the winter.The angora goats get sheared 2 times a year,spring & fall & both seasons were so wet this year that it was hard to get them done.Ringo took off after he toppled the stand we do them on so I had to lasso him to get him back,but the dh took pity on him & let him go with the curls still on his neck.He looks like the lion king.We put them in the livestock panels we put together over in the woods so we can get the other entire pen mucked out for the winter.I get out of the shower afterwards & hear this bawling.I look out the window & already Hendrix has managed to get his horn through one of the bars in the pen & is stuck.So,I was glad that we were here & could rescue him.I believe after the vet updates their shots this week that I will give them to someone who has a farm.I had planned on them eating up the wild roses & poison ivy & undesirables in our woods but they can get themselves into so much trouble that I have to sit & babysit them while they browse the undergrowth.I think they would be happier somewhere else.I love them though,they are so comical.But alot of work for me.


Debra said...

Oh Phyllis-you're a hoot! But the 'people' in the photos really did look like they were in the room!
So goats need babysitters just like geese, huh? Hope they behave so you can just keep them.

phylliso said...

I had all of these plans for the goats when I first got them,they would have things built for them to walk across & wooden play things in the ground to jump on.When they were little , I brought them home in the back of my Saturn,& I let them play on a little tykes sliding board,they loved it.My daughter-in-law asked me why don`t they play on that now?I said,have you seen how big they`ve gotten?I believe she lives in her own little world sometimes.I sometimes wish I was able to do that,but I fear that I live too much in the past already.
Debra,I know I could love a goose,a goose would be good for me,keep me rooted,phyllis