Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Finally have a little time to blog

Shortly after my friend,Nancy,died in July,my mom fell & broke the upper part of her arm & had a hairline fracture in her knee.{By the way.we still don`t know why Nancy died,they are waiting on a toxic blood report.} My mom has schizophrenia,& the doctor & I feel she wouldn`t do well in a nursing home,or assisted living setting,my brother wants her to move,especially since she has fallen now.She`ll be 77 in a couple of months.We are still at odds about it.If we could put her on our land,we have almost 6 acres,in a seperate trailor,she might do alright.But what if the dh & I die,what would become of her living situation,my brother says.So,we are still taking care of her as she doesn`t drive anymore.We did take her liscense away.But,anyhow,when she broke her arm,she called me & asked if I had a sling.I said,no,why?Well then,could you come down here & tie 2 towels together & make one ,I fell & hurt my arm.Long story short,I took her to the er.We live within miles,so it`s not so bad to tend to her when she needs help.Now I run her to physical therapy 2 times a week & she is trying to learn to walk better & use her cane at all times.Her blood pressure goes low when she first stands up,so she has to learn not to take off so fast upon rising.I had to take pics of her,she looked so comical when she first started.On that rowing machine she kept saying, do it 5 times?no for 5 minutes the therapist tells her,5 times?no,5 min.!we had to laugh,but now she does well.
I`m running the son clear across town where he needs to go,& tomorrow he does have a job interview,thank God,say a prayer he gets a job.
I will talk about my own health in a another post.I have to have another tooth pulled on Fri.I may have to get more tooth implants,I can`t really afford to,but perhaps they have payment plans.
I took Hunter & Zeke to the vets today,when I got home,there were notices for Maggie to go & the goats need their shots.The bill was $350 today for the 2.I`m happy to say that Zeke is free of feline lukemina & has gained some weight,he weighs over 6 lbs.now.I will be getting him nuetered soon & I wasn`t going to have him declawed,but he`s been trying to climb walls & has the woodwork scratched up in the kitchen.I had a heart to heart talk with the vet about these feral kittens & she said gently that I just can`t save them all,we would love to be able to,but we just can`t.It has really become a problem I wrestle with.
The past 2 days I HAVE managed to get outside since it was so lovely out,& started on this fiber.I don`t believe I will buy wool from those farmers again,it was just so bad & so time consuming to skirt,cost twice as much this year,& I think to my self as I`m pitching it that I`m not really throwing away ALOT of money,it was .83cents a lb.raw,unskirted,I did wash some that was full of thistle seeds to dry & use to stuff dolls with.The other was just so cruddy,I put it out on the grass to let the grass absorb some of the crud before bringing it in to wash by hand.I`m glad I live in the woods as I don`t believe everyone would like to see wool lying about the yard.I want to make a doll or 2 before Christmas & take a break from the mohair & wool.I found nice garbage cans with wheels at Big Lots for only $15 each & bought 6.The clerk in the other asile said I must have alot of garbage.I didn`t answer.They are perfect to store the wool in & the lids fit really good.I can stuff alot of fiber in them.Critters can`t get in them,but the cans will go inside the new shed.Some very nice man asked if he could help me get them to my van & for once I accepted a stranger`s help.I usually do it all on my own,but why not accept help if it`s offered.
So...I did get wool & mohair washed & dyed,4 lbs.of it.I`m using up 2 open jars that I have,a lilac & a color called lily.I`ve been using different measurements of them to achieve different hues of the colors,& I may card it together to get an ocean color.
When I`m waiting on my mom & my son,I`ve been working-knitting- on a shawl for myself using the bee balm color roving I bought from Phylleri Ball some years ago.It`s my first all spun by me shawl .It has a flaw in it where I was falling asleep & the stitches came off the needle,& I didn`t get them on right,but there is not a hole,it`s just looks different in 1 spot.It is a pattern for a Lion Brand prayer shawl,it was meant to use bulky yarn,but I seem to be only able to spin lace weight so far.But,it doesn`t look too bad,I wanted a light weight wrap.

The son & grandson found where the woodpeckers have some cavities,they were going in & out of this dead tree,so tomorrow if I can get out before the rain & before I start my running again,I hope to get some pictures of them.


Feral Female a.k.a. Vicki Locey said...

Sounds like you`ve had a busy time of it of late.

phylliso said...

It seems never ending at times,Vicki.phyllis

Tammy said...

So sorry to hear about all the things you are having to cope with right now. Some times it just seems to be too much. Your creativity is inspiring esp. with so much on your mind. Take care,