Saturday, October 15, 2011

What`s been going on here

Where do I begin? My son`s psyc doctor said that my son needed to "sort things out himself in his brain" when he was in there last month,no meds.There was a prickle of fear in my brain at that,but life goes on.He stopped taking his thyroid pill too,which he really needs to take.To make a long story short,he tied one on with alcohol,self medicating himself,& was picked up at the soon to be divorced wife`s house in the basement where he had been living & hauled off to jail.

The probation dept. gave him a break,keep him jailed for 3 days,then called us to see if he could stay here with us.So,he`s moving in,has most of his things we have brought here to our already stuffed to the max cabin we call our house.He is seeing a new pysc doctor,taking his thyroid pill,& beginning once again.I ask God why this keeps going on,20 years with him this way,at 37 he needs to place things in order.
We finished "my" shed,now it  has his bed & things in.Oh my,Lord help me.
We started with the visiting of the children this weekend,4 year old Savannah was here yesterday,& today it`s bonding time for Dominick.He is so different when he`s with his step dad-my son he calls daddy.
Here are some pictures of my last couple of days.More to write later.

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