Sunday, November 13, 2011

More dyed fiber

My precious little animal lover,Savannah,loves to give kisses.I keep warning her that every dog she is around she should let them sniff her hands first to see if they will welcome those kisses.Of course,Bandit demands them when she is here.
I used the rest up of my sample of cushing`s mahongy dye.This is some with the lily color I used the jar all up finally.I don`t know why some fiber  is darker than the other,perhaps when I added the vinegar it wasn`t stirred enough when I put in the fiber.I can`t wait to card some up now,which I may do today sometime.I have 1 more sample of cushings brown-why I chose brown I do not know-then I`ll begin on the greener shades kit of all their colors.My back is screaming that I`m going to have trouble with it when I use the ashford carder.I am tempting to take it all somewhere to be carded by machine.

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