Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Old Spinning Wheel

My dh came home after looking through the pawn shops & antique shops in our little town & announced that there was a spinning wheel at Collectors Dream for $100.Hey,I like to go to those shops too,but it was closed when we went back so I got up early the next morning to have a look.It was missing the piece that goes to the treadle,but the mother of all was there so I asked the man about it,repeating what my husband said about the wheel for $100.Well,I bought it & an old silver streak sled that`s super long,he cut the price on it too.
When I got it home,the tag said $595-which I never even looked at-signed by B.Paradis & Co.-which I still have not found on the wheel.I couldn`t believe he let me have it for that & I hope soon to have Nancy`s wheel & this one fixed so that I`m able to use them.
A creepy note,when I brought it in the house & started telling my dh about it,the wheel started turning all by itself! I immediately thought about Nancy ,my friend who passed in July,that she was telling me to get the wheel she gave to me fixed too!
Here is some of my own dyed fiber that I have been spinning.Our son has been taking an interest & doing the carding for me,for which my back is grateful.But I really want to start making gingerbread dolls for presents for Christmas this year when this Thanksgiving holiday is finally over.
I just had to add Zeke`s sleeping picture next to the Harley bear.

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