Monday, November 21, 2011

Cedar Waxwing

Not a very good picture,& I couldn`t really tell what bird it was till I uploaded it hours later.Now I wish I would`ve walked on out to the flock to get better pictures,but it is only the second time I`ve seen them here in our neck of the woods,& never dreamed they`d  fly through here now.
I`m editing this post for world bird Wed.It`s been rainning alot here the past couple of days & I haven`t been able to get outside much.
Please go to the springman`s blog & see all the wonderful birds people have photographed from around the world.The link is


Debra said...

Phyllis-We have them all summer here. They love to eat the berries in our yard.
They are really beautiful up close-exceptionally so. One time I held one til he came to after flying into a window. The colors are so striking.
I LOVE your header photo-it is really amazing. That could be a prize winner.

phylliso said...

The colors are what drew me.I must look more for them.We have various berries here too,they were around our peach tree.
No one but you has commented on my header,thank-you.I just noticed yesterday that there is a face in the tree to the clear left.It`s got me thinking of sketching once more.phyllis

Anonymous said...

They are the most beautiful birds. I had a small flock pass through here and I didn't get a single decent shot. Haven't seen them since.

holdingmoments said...

They are lovely birds to see.
We get the Bohemian Waxwing here in the winter.

Springman said...

A flock of Cedar Wax wings makes for one happy neighborhood. I know your excited to have them around. I think you will find them a challenge to photograph, they are so smooth and subtle. By the way, your header shot is awesome.
Cheers to you and ;-)WBW!

Larry said...

You are lucky to have the Waxwings in your yard Phyllis! Keep looking, they will probably stay until all the berries are gone!

Hilke Breder said...

They are great birds to have around. You usually hear them before you see them. The travel in flocks and communicate with each other with this high-pitched trilling. Check it out on
Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and your pets!