Saturday, December 10, 2011

Grooming bunnies

I spent the afternoon with Dori & Cloud,took me all afternoon to groom those 2.I didn`t get Ginger done because she was really upset with me for taking Dori away from her for over an hour.She kinda made growing noises & attempted to hide Dori once she got her back.I caught her humping Dori one day,I wonder what THAT was all about?!
 Dori got her first haircut & she did really well,very patient,not what I had expected, she even let me lie her upside down in my lap to do her belly.I did not get a picture of her all done,maybe tomorrow,& Cloud,it seems he never takes a good picture because he is so white.My back is killing me now,so off to bed for me!

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eileeninmd said...

AWWW, your bunnies are adorable. Cute photos.