Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dec.5th Savannah`s birthday

We had dinner & cake & openning gifts for our granddaughter`s birthday yesterday.My son & daughter-in-law are going through a divorce,but agreed to be family for her evenning.They didn`t fight until Theresa went to go home with the kids,then they got in some sort of spat,but I don`t think it carried too much sadness for the kids,they seemed to have a good time.I usually get Dominick a small gift to open too,but he is 9 years old now & I forgot,but he seemed ok with it.
We went overboard for Savannah this year,she wanted a camera & a jeep ride on toy.She got presents from mom & brother too.Some pictures of her day....she is such a beautiful child.
Dominick spent the weekend with us last week,& I`m usually ready to pull my hair out when he`s here,but this time I didn`t even know he was here.Richie had him outside most of the time loading wood & playing ball.At home he is always in front of the tv.He has some thinking problems & takes a pill for it.Well,Theresa forgot to put his meds in his overnight bag,so he did without the first day & that was when Richie kept him busy out in the fresh air.He is a chubby,gawky kid & has trouble playing ball & things.He is on a bowling team after school a day a week.Well,anyhow,my son discovered that by taking Dominick in the woods with the football,he did better with his throwing because he had to throw through trees that were scattered & it seemed to help him with his mind.Richie didn`t know what was wrong when it was close to bedtime,Dominick was awful quiet when he`s usually a yapper.He asked me to weigh in & talk to him,so I did.I said later what he had was a tired 9 year old.We never see him tired & quiet.I am proud of Richie`s parenting skills since he has been away from his wife.The kids both do not want to go home.I think it`s the attention that they get when they`re here.
My son seems to be better now that he is on a new med for his bipolar.He has been really in moods,but this new pill seems to help him calm down & reason things out.He needs to get a job though,soon.He was accepted at an Arizona college to do online classes,he was going for an RN,but now has to study something else as they have no spaces for RN`s right now.

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