Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pnemonia,the week & weekend with grandchildren

I have been so sick again,& don`t you know,we had to keep the kids 1 at a time,because the babysitters daughter was in a horrific accident.The children were good for us,we had them bundled up like the Christmas story kid.If they only lived a little closer,we could get Dominick on the bus & take care of Savannah,she will start school next year.I`m praying about this.I will begin again taxing around my mother next week for more physical therapy.
Savannah reveals she loves to sit in the woods with nana now to watch for birds,she will be 5 on Mon.& wants a camera.
I added a better pic of the plied yarn I made.


Debra said...

Phyllis-I'm sorry you are sick-hope it is short lived and that you are better by now.
Your photos of the wrens are fabulous. I hear them too-such LOUD calls for such little birds. I think they are so cute!
Praying for your recovery.

phylliso said...

Thank-you,Debra.The photos of the wrens were thru my windows,& my windows need washed!
I go see a different doctor tomorrow,hope God guides him with what to do,phyllis

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Jason Gosseck said...

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