Wednesday, December 21, 2011

World Bird Wed.

I have been missing world bird Wed.,things have been wacko here.I miss seeing the different posts,& especially the springman,host of this meme.You can find our weekly bird shots at  the stories behind the photos can be quite funny.
My contribution this week are just the usual birds at the feeder.I did have the hawk in view,but the pic I got from inside was quite terrible,it`s just when I sneak around closer,he is no longer where he was.I WILL get closer....,here are some feeder photos of the downey woodpecker & titmouse,the male cardinal in the still blooming orange non scented honeysuckle bush.The colors in the nuthatch`s feathers always give me pause to think about how wonderful our God is to have made birds like this with such special coloring in the feathers,it is awesome to take time to look every day,I jusy feel so humbled.


holdingmoments said...

Lovely shots from your feeders Phyllis. That first bird is a beauty.
A Cardinal?

phylliso said...

yes,a cardinal,phyllis

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

oh, such gorgeous shots of beautiful birds!

glad to see this!

wish you and yours a very happy Christmas!

Andrew said...

Lovely birds to see..

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful birds to find at your feeder. Nice shots!
Good luck with the hawk!