Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wishing everyone a merry Christmas

I still have cookies to bake,gifts to wrap,gifts to finish handmaking,& here I sit with my morning coffee while Savannah sleeps.She will be going home today,then we`ll get her again Christmas day some time.
My blogging has been here & there as I have alot on me right now.My mom had fallen once more,I found her lying on her floor when I went to check on her on the 13th.I could not get her up so had to call the ambulance.She was admitted after many hours with a pelvic fracture.
During the time I was at the hospital with mom,probation came out & took the son who was working on a car at home ,but was drinking a beer.So he went back to jail for a week.While he was in jail,a guy in another cell hung himself.It took guards 20 find him.They revived him 2 times,but now word is he is a vegetable.Things like this you never read in the local newspaper.Our son is home now.Did he learn anything? I don`t think so.He needs to get a job & get out.Lately we have been having numerous shouting matches,the dh sleeps all day,& I believe I`m about to have some sort of breakdown.
Mom was placed in a nursing home,but is coming home to stay with my brother & get her physical therapy from home care therapists. We were not pleased with her care at the nursing home.She is getting discharged this am,I will sit with her tonight when my brother & his family attend their church services.They have active parts,& I could still go to our 11pm service,but I believe I`ll just meditate in prayer with my mom.God understands.


eileeninmd said...

Hi Phyllis, I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. I will pray for you and your Mom and hope things change for the better. Is Savannah your granddaughter. She is a cutie. Take care and Happy Holidays.

Andrew said...

Please accept my best wishes for Christmas Phyllis.

I do hope your mother gets well soon. Take care of yourself and I hope 2012 is a nice year for you.

Big hugs Andrew xx

phylliso said...

Thank-you both for your thoughts & prayers,it means so much,you`ll never know just how much.
Savannah is my granddaughter,some people believe she`s my own child,& that makes me very happy. She is home tonight with her own mom,my ex daughter-in-law.I hope to get her tomorrow along with her brother at least just for present openning,phyllis