Saturday, December 24, 2011

And then there were 2 more cats...

I wasn`t able to get Pumpkin & Mittens together for a picture till the other day,they are still investigating their new home here, we hope for just awhile.They are the brother & sister I took when they were getting in the way of cars going to a store.The owner said I could have them,I just happenned to have a cat carrier in my car,I had had it in for awhile hoping to see a sign for free kittens as mom had lost her cat she got from the shelter,whom was 14 years.They have been her life since my father died.
I sat with mom this evenning & she did not seem good at all,but slept peacefully while I was there.I took my spinning wheel & worked with fiber while she slept.She did awake to tell me she was glad I was there.It`s hard to see her go downhill so fast.She is Irish,a Haggerty,& a fighter by nature.I don`t know what God has planned.I did see a falling star driving home,so I just said a prayer.
Savannah was gone when I came home.My dh said it was a fighting match again,& told our son he has to be out in 2 weeks & find a job.We need our peace back.I`m relying first on God,then going within my spirit to find my peace.I love my blogger friends & wish the best for all in the coming year.Leaving you with the animals,whom always give me pause to smile.

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Baggaraggs: said...

I am praying for peace in your family this New year Phyllis. I am thinking about ya. Love, Robin