Monday, January 9, 2012

My Operation

I`ve been lax in my blogging as life has been a little on the fast track lately.I had my sinus`s operated on on the 5th of Jan.& my septium fixed because I have been having alot of trouble especially in the past couple of years with infections in my sinus`s that I no sooner get over with an antiboctic,then I`m back on another pill,so often that I developed an infection in my stomach.When you are constantly on an antiboctic,the good bacteria cannot grow & throws your system out of wack,so last year I was sick more often than I can remember for quite awhile with an infection in my belly too.
I then had trouble with my left eye tear duct.The eye specialist put eye plugs in the tear ducts of my eyes because of the RA causing my eyes to be so dry,& I loved them,it was instant relief when they were inserted.Well,after a few times of getting infections in my left tear duct,we did away with them.Even restatsis-the script eye drop-wasn`t working for me.I had cellulitis in my face at the tear duct.Sooooo,after quite awhile with that,the eye specialist said I had dacryocystitis,an infection of the nasolacrimal sac after a catheter was inserted down the tear duct by the xray specialist /yes,a TINY catheter,& students opted to watch this technique done on me /& he was going to do a DCR,a surgical procedure to restore the flow of tears in the nose from the lacrimal sac.When the nasalcrimal duct does not function,it`s usually blocked,& he said the bones were almost welded together,he was going to set up another surgery to unblock it & put stints in for several weeks/months.Well,for some reason,he didn`t do it.I still had pus in my eyes,both eyes now,& finally asked my family doctor to refer me to an ears,nose,& throat doctor.The ENT doctor got to see me at my worst,I was actually gurgling from not being able to breathe.Two cat scans of my sinus`s showed nothing,but he went in anyhow Thurs.& did the work on cleaning out my sinus`s.I don`t really know anything about the operation/how clogged I was or whatever/as the husband fell asleep in the waiting room & never spoke to the doctor.So I`ll be unpacked & find out things on Wed.I do feel better.I could never really breathe out my right nostril,so this was a good thing.
I hated to have to blog all of this uninteresting stuff,but these kinds of things are always happenning to me that I think life is so unfair at times,but I know that there is another poor soul out there going through alot of health & other issues right now,so I`m here to say,YOU ARE NEVER ALONE! I HAVE PROBABLY GONE THROUGH WHATEVER YOU MAY BE DEALING WITH-at least at some point in my 57 years of life.
My 5 year old granddaughter has been staying here with me alot,even during my operation,& today she did admit to purposefully laying on my hair so I can not leave the bed unless I wake her up.I had wondered about that last night as she folded my hair,then rolled on it,snuggling up to sleep.She does not lie when I ask her.She keeps me smiling.I`ll be smiling more when later this week she`ll be sleeping on a sleeper/couch we are getting for the living room for the children when they stay over.
I wish to welcome the newcomers to this blog,I fully intend on catching up with everyone soon.

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