Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wild Turkey meleagris gallopavo

I had to dig into my archives to find something to post for world bird Wed.These pictures were taken in early Feb.2009.I had to drive up & down that stretch of road many times before I captured these wild turkeys.They were looking for corn in this part of farmland next to a forest.A friend of ours just got a coyotoe in this area this year after all of his neighbors chickens were disappearing.I guess that`s what happenned to these turkeys.
Today is the day to join us in the springman`s meme,post your outdoor birds here at this link,see what is happenning in the bird worls around you.I have heard robins,but have not seen any yet.


Springman said...

Nice shot Phyllis! I've been starting to see a few more turkeys out and about myself. never thought about it but I'll bet your right, they would be good prey for coyotes and foxes. Probably why they sleep in trees!

holdingmoments said...

Lovely shots of the turkeys.

Nature can seem cruel at times.