Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Weekend

We had our granddaughter this weekend,she went home last night.As I look around the empty house this morning,I see much to do,but I sit here & relax with coffee,getting unstiff as I start my day.
Are grandparents meant to teach simple things,things like holding onto your sleeves before putting on your coat or sweater,using a scotch tape dispenser,cutting paper,learning how to write her name? I would have never guessed that the children didn`t know to "wash the sleepyman"from your eyes in the am.
Five year old Savannah learned about carding this weekend,& we brought the bunnies inside as it was bitter cold out.Today it is rainning,they may go back out.I can`t get the water bottles to fit right on their indoor cages & they have made a huge mess with the water & newspaper .
We found this free sleeper loveseat so the kids now have their own pull out bed when they come,the air bed on the floor just took up too much space.
I hope to have time to get some crafting done this week,I have a penny rug made except for the last few blanket stitches.

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