Wednesday, February 22, 2012

World Bird Wed.

I have for you the dark-eyed junco,the house finch,& a couple of birds from my brother`s backyard,which is almost on a golf course that a stream & lake runs by.
I`m sure of the Canadian Geese there,but I`m unsure about the white birds,he calls them swans,but they don`t appear to be swans to me.
Everyone is welcome to link up with all of us other birdwatchers to the springman`s blog,we have alot of fun & it is always neat to see other birds from other lands.The link is
I was glad that I was on the pther side of this lake when the white bird started chasing the geese,he looked a little scarey to me!


Springman said...

Thanks for sharing your birds Phyllis!

holdingmoments said...

Your white bird looks like a goose to me. Love that last shot. He's certainly posing for you.

eileeninmd said...

Great shots and variety of birds. The white ones do look like snow geese. Thanks for sharing.

phylliso said...

He is quite a character,I believe he was protecting his "family"of what I believe now is snow geese.Thank-you everyone for stopping by,phyllis

Debra said...
This link will show a snow goose-which your white goose is not. It's a cross between a white Chinese and something else-definitely a tame breed, but they can revert to wild colonies in parks.
(I don't mean to sound so smarty-pants, sorry!)
We have huge flocks of snow geese going north now, to Montezeuma Swamp. The flocks are beautiful to watch, and they have a very different honk from Canadians. I am sure your whites are closely related to the snows.

Your header picture always gets me-it's fabulous, Phyllis.
Love, Debra

Andrew said...

Wonderful images Phyllis..
You see some wonderful wildlife.

phylliso said...

I read in my bird manual that snow geese are rare,so I didn`t really believe that they were but ddn`t know the correct name of them,thanks Debra.phyllis