Sunday, February 26, 2012

One Baby Bunny Left

Checking on the babies last week,I found the white baby wrapped in a cocoon of his mom`s fur.I pulled him out to check him,& there was a fine piece of fur that had gotten rolled into a really fine thread,thin enough to use for sewing,& it was wrapped around his neck.We cut him loose & he was breathing & I put him back with his mom,who licked him over & over.As the day progressed,he seemed to fail & he died during the night.Savannah & I buried him next to is brother/sister.The remaining bunny is very healthy.I took all of mom`s fur from the cage.They are inside,after all,& don`t need to be covered in fur.This is a lesson learned the hard way for sure.
Savannah has been with me the weekend,she reads to Zeke in her baby carriage.

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~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I'm sorry about the loss of the white bunny, but am glad to read that the remaining one is healthy and thriving!

I hope you've had a good day, and all is well!!