Thursday, March 1, 2012


My 77 year old mom fell in Dec.& is living with my brother.We are minutes away from each other.She started falling in July,first her arm was broken,then her other arm,not something a doctor would cast,the breaks were in the upper shoulders.Then she fell in Dec. & I had to call the ambulance for her,I could not lift her.She fractured her pelivis.It has been hell since.My brother took her in his home,I took her cats.She is so not well,fighting bladder after bladder/urinary tract infections.This last catch we got on her showed e-coli.I believe our doctor should have placed her in the hospital.She is living with my brother,he is doing alot of her care.I am getting really depressed about the situation.My son is in jail again.Parole violation-what he did I`m being told is not attending required classes,but he has a JOB,couldn`t the county reschule the classes,I am at my wits end & need prayer as I no longer feel able too,I`m just in a real bad place right night with caring for 5 year old Savannah & going with my brother to various appts.If I don`t get out in the woods soon & just sit I will go nuts.
I didn`t get in world bird Wed.this week as I had no time to catch the birds here.I did see robins & thank the dear Lord for that.
The little baby bunny continues to thrive & is so dear.Savannah has named him Buster,I hope to get their pic again this weekend,I`ll have her tomorrow. I hope God lets us have a good weekend.I will take Savannah to prison to see her dad through glas.

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