Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My granddaughter

Savannah has been my rock here lately.When I don`t feel like doing anything & am depressed,she`ll drag me outside & we find things to do.Gardenning is her new love.
I decided to get my trout fishing liscense this year to go along with the dh & to take Savannah along with us.She is proving to be quite a little girl,someone after my own heart who loves to play with worms .She`ll be great at fishing,I`m sure.I wanted to teach her about how to get earthworms,then how we`ll wrap them on a hook to catch fish.It is free & one of the basic things to teach children.The dh disagreed & said I`ll be using trout bait I bought at the store.What?!! I know he`ll probably pull them in,but that`s not the lesson I wanted her to learn.When her brother went fishing,I did the same with him.
She got a little concerned after we were at it awhile,this worm looks like the mommy,she`s going back.Here`s a baby,her baby,I`m putting her back.So,it was time to give it up for the day.
I forgot how when you put them in cups with holes in that they`ll escape & go through your fridge,thank goodness I caught them & they were only in the chiller tray!They are not escaping anymore in their butter containers!

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