Tuesday, May 1, 2012

July`s block of the month done

I finished another block of the quilt I`m making,there is a little beam of light across it I didn`t notice till now coming from the glare of the kitchen window on it,as well as spinning up some roving I bought when I took my fiber to the mill.I know it looks like Bandit`s dog hair,but it is not.
I have so much other things to do,including cleaning woodstove windows & cobwebs from every room.Sometimes I just need to play!


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I love the block! I had to grin at it being the color of Bandit--Another blogger has offered to spin my dog's hair into yarn, so far, I've not taken her up on that! :-)

I hope you are doing well, and after everything you have been through, playing is a good thing!

phylliso said...

Yes,I do plan spinning dog hair sometime,but I`d mix it with wool.
I hope nothing more happens for awhile.It usually comes in three`s,but I believe we have our third with Donnie.Hoping to catch up with you & the other bloggers.Your dogs are beautiful,a small cowl for your neck would look nice.I love spinning more than making scarves & things out of it.I HAVE to learn to make socks,so many requests for them.

Debra said...

Always have loved seeing what you do with spinning...someday I'd love to try it. You made me laugh-it sure does look like it's coming right off your dog!!
Love, Debra

Nezzy said...

Oh darlin', I'm so sorry 'bout your dear BIL. Know my heart and prayer will be with your family.

That quilt block is a real winner. I love it. Heck, if would be fabulous framed all by itself. What a talent ya are sweetie!

Have yourself a beautifully blessed day sweetie!!! :o)

Debra said...

Hi again Phyllis~
To answer your question about getting geese-yes, when they are babies, I treat them just as if they were human babies as far as protecting them. They get put in a small pen when they are little (like about 10x10 if there are 4 babies). They must be in the shade. While in that pen they have to be watched-not constantly, but regularly. They come in the house at night-straw in a big plastic tote, with a little dish of water. This routine goes on til they have some feathers. Then~ they have a huge pen for daytime, but sleep in a kiddies pool in our garage area at night. This pool has water in a bowl for them, and corn for about an hour (I remove the corn dish so it won't call mice). There is a plastic fence around the pen so they don't jump out. I must add that the place they are in at night MUST be secured from weasels and raccoons-no little or big holes that they could get in and kill the geese.

I guess you can see it is very time consuming, but that's how much I love them, so it's not a hardship. I have lost one goose to a raccoon, and had one attacked by a raccoon. Both were rabid and I needed rabies shots because I held the geese.

I have done much praying about this - I feel I'm doing what I need to do to protect my geese, but not everyone needs to go to this extent. If there are more geese, they have a much better chance of surviving outside all the time (when they are grown up). Also, other animals like sheep or llamas will protect them somewhat.

So that's my long story about raising geese!
Love, Debra