Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Saying last goodbyes

Yesterday we bid my brother-in-law ,Donnie,goodbye till we meet again.I facebooked it yesterday,I was so exhausted with it all,unable to think about blogging the service..I believe we were all exhausted from watching him clinging & clinging to life.
I spoke to the Rev.the night of the viewing & told him how we prayed for Donnie& his family & took he & his wife shawls,then towards the end,we came up with my bible & read from Romans to reinforce his faith that it is the body dying,not your soul & spirit.I was sure he believed.In the next couple of days is when he went into a coma.The Rev.said his wife & daughter talked about how we did that with him,& he had also said Donnie confirmed his belief several years earlier.
Anyhow,I was surprised on Mon.when the Rev.went to my husband & asked if I would take part in the service.He had prayed the night after he talked to me & through prayer,he & his wife wanted me to share in the service.I am not good with speaking,I`m shy & my stomach was in knots.But I felt Donnie there beside me & when I was called to speak,I think I did pretty good.I spoke a little about how we were the first he called to tell us he had cancer,said some other things,then read the note from heaven that Linda,his wife,wanted read.It goes like this:
If I could write from Heaven,this is what I`d say,
Please don`t miss me too much,I`m with you throughout the day,
You may not see  or hear me,but if you`re quiet & still,
You just may feel my presence,because,in Heaven,there is free will.
Don`t worry for the day,it will come & go as planned,
Enjoy each moment you are given,keep worry from your hand.
Keep sorrow to a minimum,for if Heaven you could see,
You`d know that I`m safe & happy,I did not cease to be.
Moments in time are brief,until we`ll be together again,as Eternity lasts forever,our lives,they have no end.
The taps & the 21 gun salute was so humbling,as we celebrated Donnie as a fallen hero to a war with cancer that he had bravely fought.
Godspeed Donnie


Debra said...

Oh Phyllis~This is so heart touching. I'm going to read the note from heaven to my husband, who lost his brother a little over a year ago. It is still very hard on him.
I love you. Debra

phylliso said...

It is the reminder of the reassurance that our life doesn`t end here,I`m sorry about your brother-in-law,love,phyllis