Saturday, May 12, 2012

My world here on Sat.

We still have Savannah,the granddaughter ,but she goes home today.She has been here since Wed.Then I believe we`ll be kid free for a few days.
The weather has been still very cool here in Pa.Our furnace is not working properly & I need to get the woodstove fired up again as the fire went out overnight.A guy came out & cleaned our furnace yesterday,replaced a few parts,but the central air unit is causing the malfunction & they won`t be out till Tues.So,must get the stove going as it is only 50 in here.
Our son had a job interview yesterday,it sounds promising,I`m not sure what to pray for anymore.His meds don`t seem to be working as well,& I know he won`t succeed if he can`t get his head on straight.
Strolling through my yard I notice everything growing here is getting out of hand,raspsberry vines blooming with set fruit climbing through my roses,I haven`t the heart to pull them out now....maybe after the berries are picked,wasn`t that what I told myself last year?A columbine came up in the midst of everything,making me smile as I believe God placed it there amongst the weeds to remind me He is beside me all the time.


Judy said...

That's a neat thought about the columbine. I'm trying to remember to count my blessings, too. Gardening takes a lot of time, doesn't it? I find myself going outside, just to trim something, and then hours later, I'm still trimming/digging/fertilizing. Haha.
Enjoy your weekend,

phylliso said...

That is me too,the time flies by when I`m outside & before long I`m starving & realize I forgot to eat or put something in the crock pot for a meal!