Thursday, May 10, 2012

My only child turned 38 today

I was much too young to have a baby,I was still a teenager when I had our son.I look at my brother`s girls heading off to college soon,can`t even IMAGINE them starting a family .But I made a choise, as there was no money for for my brother & I to attend college,& I decided to leave that house as fast as possible ,anyway I could.Terrible to admit now.God has watched over me even when I made bad choises.But I am so thankful for Richie & now he has given us more joy with a granddaughter & we also have our dear Dominick who turned 10 on the 8th.It all fits into God`s plans however,whatever happens,He makes things right & I`m thankful & blessed.

Pictures of Savannah & Richie goofing off today.We found a bubble pipe in a kitchen drawer at my mom`s,it was Richie`s when he was 5,so Savannah got to try it out today.She wasn`t told how to use it & must`ve sucked in on the how would she have leaned that?but we all had a good day finishing up at the mall with Savannah & Daddy played games at the arcade.

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Judy said...

Isn't it amazing how God is with us every step of the way? We all make choices, sometimes tough ones that we may regret later, but God's grace and forgiveness brightens each new day. Your son looks like a great guy with a neat smile.