Wednesday, May 9, 2012

World Bird Wed.

I`m trying to slide in here on world bird Wed.,with only about an hour to much drama here sometimes.
I`m submitting the hummingbird this week.They arrived 2 weeks early this year.I haven`t been able to get a picture yet as the light has been off with so many whitish skies lately.The male is sitting on the wires watching for the DH.He tends to follow him about,maybe because he drives a red Ford truck & is attracted to the color red,who knows.But here is the female who must be sitting on eggs already,the male swooping up & down bombarding any bird,dog,or person in the range of their nest.I don`t understand how we only get 1 family year to year,yet there are some people who get colonies of them every year,they buy huge amounts of sugar to keep them satisfied.I have all the right plants,feeders everywhere,but only have the 1 couple who have about 3 babies every year.
Here are some pictures of the female in past years.
Link up with the Springman to view other birds from all over the world at his blog.


Michelle said...

I love those little hummers. We had a lot last year, but so far I've only seen four and none of them have stayed. :(

phylliso said...

They are such fun to watch.The male takes his job very seriously.Thanks for dropping by,phyllis

Dave said...

always an exciting time when you know the seasonal arrivals are due back..... and of course it alsways good to have old friends back

Debra said...

Hi Phyllis!
Aww-the little guys are so cute. I have just made a batch of juice for ours when they arrive. Have not seen any yet. We always have about 5 families. They are fun to watch as they guard their own feeders. Wish you would get more than one! Our catbirds are back as of today!
Love, Debra

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Your pictures are just perfect! I've finally got my feeder put up and hope I see my sweet little hummingbirds very soon!

Anonymous said...

Nice shots! I love to watch the hummers and eagerly await their return!