Sunday, May 6, 2012


Savannah got her first haircut over the weekend while her brother,Dominick, spent his weekend with us.I would have liked to have had Savannah`s locks,but they were thrown away.I don`t like the cut,but who am I?She likes it.

My son & her brother spent most of the weekend in my shed running an electric cord to play the xbox & watch movies & sleep out in.Remember the shed that was built for my spinning equipment & fiber?well,it is now filled with my mom`s furniture & beds & things we are storing till my soon to be 38 year old son gets his own place.One day I`m hopeful that things will change,but I`m not holding my breath.I`m hoping perhaps our son will be able to afford my mom`s house & be on his own.Who knows what will happen?
In the meantime,enjoy a walk with me past the blooms in my yard,& have some smiles with the grandkids.

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Debra said...

Wow-your blooms are out way farther than ours here.
Your grandkids are very cute!