Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kittens & fiber

The kittens are having bouts of the poops,so upon searching the internet,I found out that they respond well to canned pumpkin or yams.I have yams on hand,so yams it was mixed with kitty food.They seem alot better now,though I`m still giving them a daily bath.It is alot of work,but keeps my mind off things.
My son will most likely take the litter.He was approved for the loan to buy his grandmother`s house.Anyhow,I started naming them.I don`t have a name for curly eared one,so maybe he will be Curly.
Obvious name for the striped girl with the big M on her forehead,Molly,though my son may change it to Magnolia.He`s a Grateful Dead fan.
Then we have Edgar Winter for the albino guy,probably just Winter,then the little calico will be Leena after a character in a book I`m reading,the books spelling is Lina,but I`m spelling it Leena.
Here is the fiber I bought at The Mannings on Sat.This alpaca is so soft & a little hard for me to manage,I love this color,a warm brown.
The white fiber didn`t show up as I wanted,it is a mixture is silver glitz & soy ,I believe.
I bought some dyes & also this glitz.I`m looking to get my own fiber back soon,I can hardly wait.


Debra said...

The kittens are getting so cute-bless you for such loving care of them!
Beautiful fibers!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

The fibers are lovely and those kittens, well, just as I told you before I would have taken them all too--They are just adorable and I'm glad they are doing well!!

Judy said...

Wonderful fibers and the kittens are just so cute! They're fortunate to have you caring for them.

Debra said...

oh Phylliso~I didn't know you meant me-for the flax....I would love some-of course! Let me know if you need my address~and how much I owe you-you are so very dear to remember me...and thank you again for your comment on my blog-it really means so much to me.
Love, Debra