Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Mannings 2012 spinning seminar annual open house

It`s an awesome setting,the creek flowing by,the homemade food from the church,we took another road trip this week,this time it was not as far to East Berlin.I always learn something every time I come to this.Susan was there with her German Angora bunnies & clipped one for us,she gave a very detailed & amusing
& entertaining speech to go with it.I wish my bunnies would lie on their backs like that for me.She has 12 as a limit,I tucked away this piece of knowledge before I become the one who has too many pets to care for.
There were many kinds of different wheels,I believe I`ll stick to my Ashford Joy,there is something about a wheel too close to the ground...I`m afraid I would get road rage,it looks like you`re driving it.
Check out this teepee made of afhgans,it was down by the creek with some beautiful different spun fiber.
This lady was courageous enough to wear this comfortable linen dress,wish I could do the same as it was hot & breezy.
The felting setup was beautiful,I love these scarves.
They did not have the dyeing people-we got there in the afternoon so maybe we missed them,there were no angora goats,which I was kinda of glad of since I miss my guys,but there were sheep & sheep shearing,which I missed as I was watching Susan with her rabbits.
I have these wool combs,I never used them much.Maybe it`s because I haven`t used them correctly,so I took pics of them.
Flax is always interesting to me,how they take this "hay"-it`s not hay,but forget the true name,card it with these huge combs-you could kill someone with these-& it can be spun to make something comfy to wear.I bought some flax for a special blogger friend of mine who asked me to look for some years ago...
It was a good day since the dh felt well enough to go along,but he went straight to bed when we got home,I`m afraid he is seriously ill again & will blog about that on another post/


Debra said...

Hmmm-will pray for your hubby-hope he's better today.
I love flax-I think the word you're looking for is 'tow'. I have some for making bird's and doll's hair-it's real prim looking and very interesting to work with. I thought about growing flax~maybe some day.
Thanks for all the pictures-I loved it. The teepee was really cool.
Love, Debra

EG CameraGirl said...

Fascinating.I never have learned to spin well so I envy people who can and enjoy the craft as much as it sounds like you do.

phylliso said...

Debra,the flax was for you if you still need it.
Camera Girl,the fact that you spin is a great feat in itself.When working with fiber,I don`t believe in right or wrong ways to spin.It`s relaxing for me is why I do it.

Amish Stories said...

Greeting from Pennsylvania as well! Richard