Sunday, June 17, 2012

My own fiber from the mill

I got a phone call that my fiber was ready,so road trip it was on Fri.I had a couple of panic attacks when I couldn`t go over a bridge that led straight to the shop,they are working on it & I had to detour.To get there,it wasn`t so bad,God kept leading the way,but I wouldn`t follow,I kept going in circles.The way I WAS going I did finally go,& it led me straight there.Alright,Lord,get me home...
It was good I had no one alone in the van,as it was stacked to the ceiling with roving.The roving I dyed myself looks really good.I wasn`t sure how it would look with the colors blended.
On the way home,I got really lost & was almost in tears.Suddenly the York hospital came into view,& I could hear my brother-in-law-one who just died in April- saying,well now you know where you are,it will be fine now.It was,but the trip took me twice as long as it should.I`m getting myself a GPS,don`t know how to hook them up,but I`ll figure it out.
After having another slight heart attack over the cost of the milled fiber,I guess I`ll try to sell some,I have enough to start a small shop!I still have more fiber to wash & take to the mill,but it is not so overwelming since all of this is done.I stored it in my living room for now till I make room in the other shed for it.


EG CameraGirl said...

I bet a GPS would help as long as you keep it up-to-date. That sure is a lot of wool!

phylliso said...

I did buy one & haven`t done anything with it yet.The instructions did say to follow up on the site every 90 days,that may be a problem for me...

Judy said...

That looks like fun! You will have lots of fiber to play with. Sorry you got lost, that's no fun.
You were asking about sock knitting, but I don't have your email address, so if you don't mind I'll answer your question here?

I’m not a big fan of double pointed needles as it seems like when I put the project down I always have a needle fall out. So I’m using two 24” circular needles size 0 to knit socks. I knit rather loose so I have to use a 0 to get the gauge that I need. I pull one needle so that the stitches are on that needle, then I use the other end of that needle to knit with, while the other circ just hangs in the back. Then I flip it around, doing the same thing with the next needle, so I’m alternating needles. I hope that helps, and if you need any more help, just let me know.
I hope that you don't mind me posting this, but if you do, just delete it :-)
Take care,

phylliso said...

Thank-you,that sounds like something that I can do!