Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Animal House

With the temps rising to almost 100 today here in Pa,I brought the rabbits indoors.Rabbits & kittens everywhere....well,Cloud & kittens everywhere,the other bunnies rested comfortably in their cages.I do believe Dori was bred again today.I have a request for babies,so hopefully this time we won`t lose any.
Cloud looks as if to say,how long have I been outside?& who gave birth to them?
I`m allowing the kittens more free time outside their cage,they love playing in the cube.Zeke likes to hide underneath,then reach up with his paw & bat a kitten upside the head,which then sends me into giggles,but my son & dh doesn`t like it.They say,how`d you like being hit upside the head? The kittens always have a bewildered look on their face when he does this."Curely- eared kitten"learned how the game is played today,then later I caught Zeke washing him over & over.
Fred & Barney went to another home today,even though I love them,I know they will be happier with this guy who has all female parrakeets.


Debra said...

Hi Phylliso~
Aw the kitties are getting big! I love it that the bunny feels at home inside too...So glad you found your way home(previous post)~ I know what that's like, to be lost on the road, and crying about it!
Love ya!

Tammy said...

The kitties are looking so much better already! And they get to do what kitties are suppose to do--play and play and play! Are there two girls and two boys? I'm sure Zeke isn't hurting them and it sounds like he is having a blast too.
Bless you for taking them in.

phylliso said...

We thought the white albino one was a boy-she told me when I got them-but the only boy we have is Mr.Curley Eared.The all white one is a girl.Can`t tell if she`s deaf or not.I had a chance to give one away,but we couldn`t do it.Maybe later on...
Debra,will try to get your package to the post office today,it`s been a weary week.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

The kittens are really cute and getting big!! I'll bet if you look closely, you can see them growing!! :-) I hope you're having a good weekend!!