Monday, June 25, 2012

New Homes

My neighbor`s great great granddaughter & her family came yesterday.They were looking for kittens for Hayden,the girl who raised the wild baby bunnies last year & released them back into the wild at her grandmother`s house.I believe she is 12.They took all 3 sisters.I thought that the kittens were still too little to go,but I know they will get a vet visit right away & will be well taken care off.
We kept Mr.Curley eared.The toms here really love him & wash him all the time,so he will be fine.Savannah was upset a little,but now she can really mother the curley eared one,so she is doing good with it.Wheeeww,I miss them,but am glad that they found homes.I hope I`ll get to see pictures of them when they grow up,I`m curious about what the albino girl will look like.

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Debra said...

Awww-you're a good person, Phylliso! The kitties look wonderful. I bet they will miss you, too.