Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I had a walk with God today

I talk to God everyday,mostly in the morning & at night before I fall asleep.I walked with Him this afternoon,through the rapid growth in the forest,to the overcoming growth of a multitude of raspberries,blackberries,even golden raspberries that only He could have planted by his angel birds.I wanted to know why,why do we have to face this health problem again,Lord.
He showed me....new growth through an old stump in the woods,a trumpet vine clinging with extraordinary strength to an old oak tree that has to be at least 100 years old,climbing way to the sky in search of sunlight to finally rest & bloom,cradled by the tree.I worry about the tree every year,it is getting hollow,wearing away,but as I look,I realize it is still mighty ,even though the lightenning has hit it & broke off a branch,it still stands in glory.
I stare at my meadow this year,planted mainly in rudibecka & coneflowers,& smile at the only one coneflower that is all white.The colors are breathtaking.I marvel at how different each & every petal is.They are as humans,all different in their own way,all beautiful.
I come back inside our airconditioned home,look at my slumbering husband who is so ill,& thank God for His undying grace.


Debra said...

Well, you've done it now. I was already teary-eyed from getting the present you sent me-then I read this wonderful and humbling post.
You know I am praying....
And Phyllis~thank you, thank you so very much for the package!~
I don't even know what to say, I am just overwhelmed.

I love you.

Baggaraggs: said...

Prayers today for YOu and Your HUB Phyllis.
Your thoughts move me. Your Photos are just wonderful. Hang in there. Love you. Robin

phylliso said...

Thank-you both for praying.
You know,God uses these things.I remember going through this the last time,& his sister ,Sherry,said to me years later,that our struggles ,yet strong faith in God is what keeps her belief in God so strong.We don`t go through it gracefully at times,but we stay strong & plug along,that`s all anyone can ever do,give it to God & keep going,love you both,phyllis

Judy said...

I'm so sorry that you're facing this. My prayers are with you both as you go through this tough time. You have such a great perspective during a tough time of your life.

phylliso said...

Thank-you ,Judy,what an internal growing time it has been for me this summer.Thank-you for your prayers.I will most likely blog more when we know exactly what is going on.The husband said to never write about him,but I really believe it could be a learning lesson for others,he was given the gift of life through a loving family we still don`t know ,of a new liver 19 years ago.
Hep C is becoming the new feared disease in our baby boomer lifetime.It will destroy a transplanted liver in 20 years,so we expected it,but not really,you know?19 years went by fast.
My husband had a blood transfusion from being in a car accident in the 70`s in Florida,that was a time when anyone could come in off the street & get money for their blood.There was no such thing as aids or hep c.We really believe that is how he got it.Thanks again for praying.