Friday, August 31, 2012

male goldfinch,black swallowtail,yellow swallowtail,hummingbird

My camera has never been cleaned.I just don`t want to give it up to have it cleaned.You can manually have the camera clean itself too,but I never dared to do it.My canon rebel is at least 10 years old now.I`ve been getting some wierd lightening issues with it,probably due to the fact that it needs maintance.


Judy said...

That reminds me of my son, who bought a used digital SLR that someone thought was broken, but really just needed the lenses cleaned. He bought a lens cleaning cloth and fluid, cleaned the camera, and he's been using it for a couple of years now :-)

phylliso said...

That makes me REALLY want to get this camera cleaned!Thanks,Judy!