Friday, August 31, 2012

Mr.Curley Eared`s sisters visit

My Mr.Curley Eared sisters came to visit,they are really growing.The albino`s eyes remain blue,& are light sensitive.They are all much bigger than their brother.
Patches continues to wage war in the house.There is a little more harmony,but not much.My mom`s cats seem to have a deep dislike of her now since she has bullied them all,& they will chase her back,wanting to fight her.I`m hoping after she gets spaded & front declawed she`ll become more likable.
Poor Zeke can`t even catch a nap without Mr.Curley up his butt.


Judy said...

What a great photo of the cardinals that you have on your blog! I miss seeing them....
Have a great week,

phylliso said...

Thank-you,Judy,you don`t have cardinals there? They have raised alot of little ones this summer here.

Tammy said...

Loved seeing updated pictures of the kittens. The girls look great as does Curly Ears. I would say spaying the calico will help, but it will take awhile for her to simmer down. I've had some luck with feliaway spray in helping to relieve some of the tension. It's kinda pricey but a small spray bottle goes a pretty long ways. It mimics the phermones of the cat and is supposed to make them feel more at ease.
Take care,

phylliso said...

Thanks Tammy,I didn`t know about that,your advice sure helps!phyllis