Thursday, August 2, 2012


My son named her Patches.She has been here a week & is still hissing & growling,but somewhat less.She got out yesterday,the DH let her slip though the door,& I didn`t think we`d catch her,but she came to me & I brought her in & gave her a treat.
She thinks she is the queen,But Mittens,the only other girl,has made it clear that SHE is the queen.The boys all get along so well,go figure that out.
Patches demanded her own bowls & litter box,so this is how it is for now,she`s eating at the kitchen sink when I`m trying to clear dishes,Mr.Curley eared ignores her as he tries to figure out which spoon or fork he`ll have.I`s gross to have the animals in the kitchen like that,but if you love animals,the grossness will pass as you age....


Julie said...

Hi Phyllis,
I love them all. It usually take cats 6 to 8 weeks to adjust to each other. So hopefully Patches will be off your kitchen sink soon. If not, who cares, she isn't hurting anythings. My cats are over in my home, counters tops kitchen table, and to me its not gross, its love.

Thank you for the pics and the update of the happening in very loving home.
God Bless,
Hugs, Julie

phylliso said...

Thank-you Julie.By the way,our Simba doesn`t have many seizures anymore,I`ll never forget your & Tammy`s kindness in helping me with that.
Your new dolls are beautiful,phyllis

Jihan said...

Hi, my name is Jihan, just got here from BlogFrog, nice blog.

I don't have any pets really, but I don't think it is gross if your cat eats out of kitchen like that. Hmm am thinking having a cat is such a great charity, the can eat all my left overs if I had one.

phylliso said...

Welcome Jihan,thanks for visiting!BlogFrog,will check it out.