Thursday, November 8, 2012

Odds & Ends

We are getting a part of our home fixed up to put the parrots all in one place,they are so hard to clean up after,& I don`t feel right not giving them enough of space to have their fun.Jerry ,the blue & gold macaw,was finding a way to use his beak to "travel across the ceiling on the enclosed porch".We had plexiglass protecting the ceiling-part of it-but he used his beak & swung himself on his rope to reach the end of the plexiglass,then follow it along to Melissa`s rope & bother her.He was wreaking our house.I will take pictures tomorrow of what`s done so far,Dan & Joey are doing a fantastic job,& we are so thankful we found them.I`ll take their pics too & promote them,if they agree!
I`ll put all the rabbits out there too,in their little cages,then let them out to have running  around free time too from their cages,there will be no wires to chew on in the room.I will have to video the bunnies when they realize they are free to run around,they are so comical,how can I descibe it?doing a "happy dance"clicking up their back legs & going sideways around the room.I will still allow them outside time  in the wonderful rabbit cage/run my dh built for them,but with my broken neck,I`m scared of falling to take care of them this winter,so we agreed it will be best for them to be inside.Especially if he gets a call for a transplant.I thought SURE Pitt would call today about his bloodwork done last week,but nothing.But all the harder animals to care for would be inside in one place if we have to get a housesitter.
I don`t believe the cats will bother the birds,after getting bit once,they`ll know to stay away.Plus,they are scared of their yelling-the birds-,which they do twice a day,usually.The only cages I`ll put out there will be for the greys,Elvis is so old now,he falls off his perch when he sleeps,so now he makes a nest -a tent really-with his newspaper-& I don`t want to mess with his sleeping habits,he must be about 30 years old now.
Zeba,the other African grey,I`ll put his cage out there too,even though he goes down the sides & onto the floor when he`s out,he won`t be able to destroy anything as it`s mostly glass walls.I`m hoping he walks around some,then will decide to play on top of his cage  with Elvis.
The macaws will only have perches & climbing toys .It`s mostly all glass & they will be able to be our "watch dogs"for any activity,they yell when anyone comes down our lane,which is why I put them out back instead of the front of our house.I can`t wait.The floor will have a drain in it ,then I can hose it down to clean easier.It will be easier for me to care for them.
Savannah played with Buster,the bunny.He needs a haircut,but has no matts & looks so adorable.
Just some spinning I`ve been doing.I should put the angora goats back on my sidebar,even though I sold them,but scroll down to the bottom to see the labels to click on to see what angora goats look like.I miss them,but I know that they are happy at the farm with Steve.


Tammy said...

Can't wait to see pictures. Is this going to be a 'bird-io'--a catio for birds? :-) Putting up the catio for my kitties was the best thing I've done, but they still don't all get along like I would have hoped. Anyway, looking forward to seeing the new setup--it sounds pretty neat.

phylliso said...

It is like that,but they won`t be outside,it`s a room created off the kitchen just for them.
Patches,the calico,is still not getting along,but she is better then when we first got her.She does spend time downstairs with us all day now,as Pumpkin,my mom`s male cat,sleeps in my bedroom most of the day.He & Mittens just don`t like her.The cats I got from the farm ignore her & go about their business.She & Mr.Curley Eared with be fixed next week,along with the 2 kittens we took from the farm to be companions for my son.What a bill that will be!phyllis

Debra said...

Awww-you have a big heart, sweetie. Not many people redo their homes with their animals in mind!!!

phylliso said...

My dream is to fence in alot of our land for a rescue for collies,I would love to take ALL animals that need homes,but the reality is I can`t save all of them & can not think about trying,but I need collies back in my life again,especially during this time with my dh`s illness.phyllis