Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wild Bird Wed.

The birds have really been fueling up here at our feeder since the colder weather has finally started drifting in.They are all the usual ones seen here in Pa.,the tufted titmouse,red-breasted nuthatch,bluejays,the goldfinches have changed into their winter garb of the more bland yellows.
I was puzzled at what kind of bird this was,I knew it was some kind of finch,have finally declared them to be the purple finch.The house finch looks alot like them,but correct me if I`m wrong,I`m going by the coloring on their faces.To enjoy other birdwatchers pictures this week,go to this link & take a peek & enter your own,


Wally Jones said...

Nice variety of colorful birds at your feeder!

Debra said...

I always love your bird pictures...
I think about your goose question-baby geese would have problems with hawks, owls-all kinds of critters. We NEVER left our geese outside at night, and still don't-even though they are now 11 years old. They sleep in a kiddie pool with straw in it. We have a back room/garage type of place that's not heated-so they are very safe there. I'm not sure what to tell you though, about if adult geese would be bothered by hawks. I think you have way more of them than we do. It might be a problem-I guess I'd probably not do it.
Love ya,

Judy said...

What wonderful bird photos! Thanks so much for sharing them with us. It's so much fun to bird watch. I hope you and your hubby are feeling a bit better.
Take care,

Neil said...

Nice birds at your feeder.