Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kindness matters

So many people have been so kind to me this year going through heartache after heartache with me,I am just so blessed.Thank you again everyone for your comments to encourage me,it really helps to know that prayers are being said for us.
I received a beautiful quilt today from Judy at it has warmed our souls looking at all the work she did to it.It is simply beautiful.The sky blue fabric in it actually looks somewhat like the background of this blog!Thank-you so much,Judy for the card & quilt.My husband was not having a feel- good day,so it has helped him too.He got bloodwork done today,maybe we`ll hear something next week.Some of his blood gets sent to Pittsburgh to check his prograf level,they don`t have the means to do it here,prograf  is the med he takes for rejection.The level has been somewhat high,we believe it builds up in his blood as he is not able to be as active as he usually is because he`s so tired.Of course,we are not the doctors.
Mom`s cat,Mittens,looks funny napping in the background.


Debra said...

A beautiful quilt! You and your husband are in my prayers and thoughts-you look pretty-even with a collar around your neck-hope you are doing good-I love you!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

What a beautiful quilt, and what a kind and thoughtful gift! Take care, and know that I'm sending prayers in your direction!!