Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bandit got groomed

I did facebook this,but usually I blog,then it goes directly to facebook,but wasn`t up to feeling like writing or checking the blog or doing much of anything,so I just placed pictures of him on there.
 Bandit looks so spiffy since he was cleaned up.I brushed,the dh brushed,I clipped,but could not get him looking as good as my dear "daughter" friend,Jen, made him look this week.
Jen is always in pain,much like me,but took the time to get Bandit back to looking great . I want him to start going with me in the car.He lays at my husband`s side most of the time .He seems sad,like me.Tomorrow it will be a year since Hunter has been gone,& with Maggie now gone,he is feeling not to much like his normally happy self.I felt that my husband was sick last year when he wasn`t thinking when he walked the dogs & Hunter wound up killed.It was confirmed not long ago when he went to have a hernia surgery,& the doctor refused to do it because his bloodwork was out of wack,his liver & kidney functions weren`t good enough to fix the hernia.We immediately sought answers from his local liver doctor.We went to the hospital where he got his first liver,but have not heard from the hospital if he is on the transplant list yet.He was even hospitalized there in Aug.because of too much ammonia in his blood.I had to "get into it"with the doctor out there about putting him before the "commitee",this was the follow-up visit we attended after the hospitalization.The doctors in the hospital when he was admitted were in agreement he needs a transplant & was supportive of us.So,that is why I got into it with the doctor on his follow-up visit,&the doctor agreed that he "wasn`t the only one" who decides who get a transplant & who doesn`t.It`s now in God`s hands.
But,you all don`t want to read this depressing stuff,do you?
dear Jen giving Bandit the spa treatment

Here`s dear Bandit who rode with me yesterday to the doggie park.They have scooper bags in the fenced in dog run so I didn`t take any,& don`t you know,he pooped,we went to get the bag,& then couldn`t find the poop.Sorry everyone!! Next time we`ll carry our own" Wally bag "with paper towels.
yes,there were cookies


Debra said...

Oh Phyllisso-I LOVED your dream!!How nice-we got to meet in your dream!! We really aren't that far away-we've got to do it sometime. We will wait for the right time for you and your hubby, and all the other things to be settled-
I love you!!!!
And Doggie boy looks so beautiful! He looks like he's ready for a show!

phylliso said...

It was strange that I knew you in my dream,know what I mean?phyllis

Tammy said...

He looks beautiful and I bet the 'spa' treatment AND a trip to the doggie park will help him perk up a little. They do grieve and they know when things aren't right. Take care of yourself.

Lilac Haven said...