Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bird watching,& an end to a boo-who week

Linda,my sister in law at her surprise birthday party 2 weeks ago
I did nothing but boo-who-ed  all week,just so depressed about everything.My dear sister-in-law didn`t know what that meant,I said,I was a bawl -baby all week !Today I picked my butt up & went out to the mall to get my glasses fixed,they were mangled in the wreak,& they ended up breaking in two! So,I got an exam & ordered new glasses.I`ll wear old ones for now & contacts.
Here are some pictures of the birdwatching I did today.There are a pair of red tailed hawks,still didn`t get a very good picture of them hunting & hunting here. They don`t migrate,they stay on all winter.I feel so sorry for the blue jays,the hawks are taking a toll on them.One jay opts for the lookout job,while others try to hide in the trees & thickets.They look at me like I`m giving away their hiding spots,so I walk back to the deck & snap birds at the feeder,a nuthatch,titmouse,& others.
I want to drive to the lake for fall pictures,but for now,lovin` the colors here in my own woods.
This burning bush will be full of mocking birds soon after the berries.


eileeninmd said...

Wonderful collection of feeder birds and the Hawk in flight is great. I hope you are feeling better and having a great weekend.

Debra said...

Oh Phylisso-I envy you that bush full of mockingbirds! I've got a burning bush too-but the mockers seem to like it up the road from us. I'm hoping once my thornapple tree gets real big, that they will come back to nest in our yard like they used to. I planted that tree just for them after I cut down the one they used-it jabbed me all the time when I mowed, and I didn't realize how much they loved it.
Anyway-have a better week coming up dear one-it will be okay-God will use all of this somehow...
Love, Debra

Lisa said...

I didn't know that burning bushes had berries. I love mockingbirds! I hope your recuperation will go along smoothly.

phylliso said...

Thanks,Lisa.With my Ra,it is just so difficult sometimes to remain positive.
My bushes are mature,maybe the younger bushes don`t get berries for awhile,at any rate,been on the lookout for the birds,thanks for your visit,Lisa,phyllis

Judy said...

Thanks so much for the photos of the cardinals! I really miss seeing them. Take care of yourself and it's okay to cry-you've had a double shock of losing a beloved pet and a serious car accident.

Judy said...

Hello Phyllis,
I couldn't find an email address for you, but would you mind sending me your address as I wanted to mail something to you to bring some cheer.
Take care,

phylliso said...

Email address sent ,Judy,just need some healing prayers.At almost 8 pm tonight,my husband has not been out of his room all day except to use the bathroom.I have given him his pills in the am,he`ll need his 2ond evenning pills soon.He was not like this during the wait for his first transplant.phyllis