Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Learning to live with the collar

I have strict orders not to facebook or write about the accident from my lawyer.
That being said...I have to post a pic my dh took of me last night,without makeup-ugh! but I managed a smile.I have to wear this thing to bed & everywhere,only taking it off to shower.I have broken ribs on my left side too,so am pretty sore.I have to be very careful when I`m out & about the yard.I have walked my Bandit,but we go where no one else is so he won`t get the idea to chase something.I`ve had a talk with the wildlife to not lead him onto a chase when we go out,hah,hah.
I`m still very much aware of the empty space here.I`ve started looking at rescues.I know I`m nuts with my broken neck & having to wear this collar till at  least Dec.when I`m re xrayed,& with my dh`s transplant up in the air,we still haven`t learned if he made it to the list.
But it`s always nice to look at the shelters to see if anybody is available for me......Bandit is 5 years old now,I believe he feels Maggie`s presence still here too,for example,if I`m in the kitchen cooking & drop something,Maggie always got it,she was so fast.Now I have to call him to lick up whatever as he still thinks she`ll get to it before him,poor guy.


Debra said...

Awww-sweetie-my heart goes out to you! And you look fine-even without makeup! So there!
I don't think it's nuts to get another dog. When my goose Paris died so many many years ago, her lifelong companion, Siegfried, was insane with lonliness. She would lie down by the fence-she was mourning her best friend. We 'tried out' a neighbor's goose, but had to return him-he was too aggressive with her. Finally we got her a young goose that loved her and would follow her everywhere. I guess it's a long story, but the point is, if you are feeling that empty spot, I bet Bandit is feeling it just as much.
Will be continuing to pray....
Love, Debra

phylliso said...

I`m so thankful for your thoughtful,wise words,Debra,thanks for praying,phyllis

Fiona said...

Oh poor you that is terrible having to wear the collar that length of time. Nuisance, but thank heavens you can smile.

I broke my back some years ago and had to wear a back brace for months, it was unbearable.
6 years on I'm perfect and have had no problems so I am sure you will be the same.

Take care of yourself.


ps thanks for linkingup with Green Day. It is always nice having new people take part.

Have a good week


pps your bird photos are great!

phylliso said...

I forgot to post a link back to your site,next time I`ll do better,you have a beautiful blog,thanks for your comments,phyllis

Judy said...

It's so tough to lose a pet. I had a sheltie, Reb, who I adopted when living in Japan. He moved with us all over the world and we lost him when he was 15. That was seven years ago and I miss him still. He was such an awesome dog, but now I have a little corgi named Max that goes with me where ever I go. Best wishes on finding a rescue!