Saturday, November 24, 2012


I kept Patches in the cage till yesterday.I felt that things were going great.I let her out,cleaned her litter box & cage & set it outside.About 10pm last night when I was ready for bed,I noticed Mittens was hanging around the door to the upstairs.She was one that I should`ve bought one of those collars for too,but didn`t.I already bought 2 plus the feliway spray.Anyhow,Patches was trying to get out of the door from the upstairs,there was a scuffle,I went in & picked up Patches & brought her out to her food & water,she was woofing down her food,when I felt something sticky wet over me.She was bleeding,alot.I said a prayer,went out & got her cage,brought it in & set it up,cleaned her as best I could & set her in the cage.She stopped bleeding.There was no way I could drive in the dark with my neck brace & having taken my medication to the ER vet,so I sat with her.She stopped bleeding,there was a clot or two,& she settled down for the night.
When I got up this am,she was fine.Praise God! No bleeding during the night,she seemed grateful for the cage,I talked to her as she sat like a dog would, & I could see that she wasn`t oozing,the site was clean,it looks as if she pulled a stitch. She meowed at me,then turned upside down for a scratch on the belly.Bless her heart.
What makes me so sad & feeling so guilty in this situation is,I thought she was unspaded.The vet thought so too,no scar or reason to think otherwise.When they cut her open,she had indeed been spaded before.So,all of this was for nothing.I put her through all of this for nothing.

Mr.Curley Eared
I`ve decided to use one of the macaws big cages & get a cat scratch tower & put her out in the new room to stay in the cage.I can let her out to ramm around as I can shut the door to the other cats out there.The vet said she may not live long anyhow,I want her to be at peace here.They suggested putting her outside when she heals,in a shed or something.I don`t think so.So,I`ve learned my lesson here .The room should be ready next week when the door comes in.I will do the painting myself.


Debra said...

Oh dear-but you were just doing what you thought was right-you didn't know about her being spayed already. What a nightmare-you are handling all of this really well. I think I'd be a mess.

phylliso said...

The only way I`m handling all of this is to write it down,& friends like you give me reassuring remarks.
My dh remarked that we should take the 2 collars the kittens wore home so they wouldn`t lick their sore paws & put them on Pumpkin & Mittens so they couldn`t attack Patches!Phyllis

Tammy said...

Hi Phyllis,
Just wanted to tell you if you ever want to 'talk' out the cat issues, just email me. I've been down the road and am still not in a good place with the kitties but we keep trying. (I spent parts of the weekend applying hot compresses to Gabe's leg where Chaco bit him during a scuffle. The abscess finally drained thank God.)
I'm sorry to hear of the fact that Patches was already spayed, but if the vet did not pick up on this, then you surely couldn't have known! She'll most likely heal quickly in a safe environment and just think that you are bonding with her more than you would have otherwise. That will be beneficial for both of you. It sounds like Patches and Mittens have it out for her now, unfortunately. (Sigh). I think your plan is a good one.

Take care of yourself.


phylliso said...

Thanks Tammy,I`ll try to find your email on your blog.I lost it when the computer went down.
I took the feliway collar off Patches yesterday & today I noticed that she is groucy again.If she`s still like that in the am,I`ll put it back on her.
Yes,I`m becoming quite attached to her.I have her sitting where she can watch the birds outside,she did alot of that today.She had been resting a good bit.Her urine seems to have an smell,but it looks fine.I`m a worrier...
It`s nice to know that your cats have those scuffles too-not for you!-but at least I know a number of indoor cats have the same sort of scuffles mine are having.The ones I took from the farm never get into it,they are all laid back & ignore most of what`s going on.Mittens does have a new bite on her ear,tho I didn`t actually see Patches do it,I`m sure that happenned the other night.phyllis