Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Patches doing well

I drove to Shippensburg today & brought home Patches & Blaze,my son`s kitty,but Mr.Curley Eared & Feather,my son`s other kitty had to stay another day.Their front nails were laser removed,I guess that`s the only way it is done anymore at my vet,& usually they come home looking like they never had the surgery to declaw,but last year Zeke was sent home with problems,both front feet were wrapped,& he had a heck of a time.So,I`m thankful that they kept these two if they weren`t ready to be discharged.I`ll get them tomorrow.
Patches is doing well,I`m so thankful for her too.I set up the huge cage that I had for Cloud,my rabbit,but it is of no use for him as it has no screen in the bottom,& he peed on himself,& I never could find anything to put in there for him to keep him out of his own urine,but had it in case of an ER.It works perfect for Patches.She`s in the cage  up on top the other 2 rabbits I have indoors right now,she has her litter box,food & water,& a blankie in the cage & still has room to move around.I will take her picture tomorrow.She is relaxing ,I`m relaxing.Pumpkin was going to bother her,but I sprayed him with water,now he`s leaving well enough alone.I have the top of the cage covered partly with a blanket for privacy.She is as snug as a bug in a rug! I also bought 2 Sentry calming collars per Tammy`s advice,I have the Feliaway spray,which does seem to work too,but the collars directly on her & I`m thinking maybe Pumpkin! I believe he is the major problem,his sister,Mittens too,but she kinda listens to me.He was right there when he discovered that Patches was home...ready to pester & chase.
The collars mimic the pheromone that the mother cat produces to calm & reassure her kittens.Hopefully it will be calming to especially Patches when I finally do let her free roaming.I want to keep her close to me right now,& this is the best way I believe to attend to her.I feel closer to her now that I understand her problems with her heart,now I can`t see anyone taking care of her but me.
You would not believe my vet bill,thank God for Care Credit.


Debra said...

You are a good mama to your pets! I was looking at your furry and feathery family's pictures alongside your post, and loving how contented they all look.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving dear friend!
Love, Debra

Judy said...

You are a caring person to do what you do with your animals. They add so much to our daily lives.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family,