Monday, November 19, 2012

Prayers for Patches

I got all kitties there safely,& when Zeke & I were waiting for his appt.,the doctor came in & told me that Patches has heart murmurs in every chamber of her heart.It was not recommended to do surgery,however,I had 3 options,put her down,get her just spaded & not declawed,or try for all the surgery & pray she makes it.She may,but then she may only live a couple of months after,or die on the table.They said it wasn`t fair that she should have claws when she bullies the other cats,cats do well outside spaded.Well,I went for the spading.We`ll see how it goes,she needs prayers to get through this.If I can correct the other 2 cats problems in going after her,she`ll remain in the house.She won`t be as moody,they said,so I`m taking the chance.I really don`t want her outside.


Tammy said...

Hi Phyllis,
I hope that Patches does well with the surgery. This may be why she is so grumpy with her heart problems. Just some ideas I would try with her---it's going to take a little while for the hormones to level off and leave her system, so I wouldn't expect immediate changes in her attitude and the others. If you can keep her isolated for a week or two that might help. I would also buy her a feliaway collar. (I think it's called cat calm or something like that--they are breakaway collars and emit the pheromones that cats seem to need to relax.) It wouldn't help to use the feliaway spray too when reintroducing her to the pack. (not on her but the surroundings.)
None of my cats are declawed and they go at it sometimes. I keep them clipped though as soon as they get the long tip on them, and that seems to keep the damage to the minimum. You could try just keeping her nails clipped back so they are blunt. My kitties are pretty relaxed about this as they get a treat afterwards.
Hope this helps. I think you made the right decision and I pray that things settle down.

phylliso said...

I did get the feliaway spray.The collar would be good for her & Pumpkin,I will try to find the collars.I do have half of the house I can close to the other cats,I was thinking about doing that anyhow before this.I can call the vet around 3 to see how she is.I haven`t really bonded with her,but yet I have,you know?She is not one to sit & play,now I understand why.I believe it`ll be alright,I hope so anyhow! Thanks for you help with my cats!phyllis

Debra said...

Sure hope all goes well. They are all beautiful.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Sending prayers for Patches--I think you made a good choice and I just have a feeling she'll be just fine!!

Let us know!!

Tammy said...

How is Patches doing? I hope okay. I meant to say in the above comment that it wouldn't hurt (not help) to use the feliaway spray too. I understand what you are saying about not being as close to her, but still being bonded. Some kitties are just very independent. A cat I had many years ago was the orneriest thing --he would bite and scratch at the drop of a hat. He was so grumpy ( but I loved him dearly!). When he was four he had to be put down because he had a large tumor filling his chest cavity and compressing his lungs and heart. I think this contributed to his moodiness for sure.

Take care Phyllis, and thank you fo going the extra long mile for this little one.